NST is a Non-violent Shield Training program especially designed to
safely secure combative individuals during a stat team intervention,
using the Turtle-Shield (a padded blocking device).



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The focus of NST is to promote a higher level of safety in your facility. This course contains a series of proactive approaches of de-escalation and non-violent Turtle-Shield® techniques. Upon completion of the NST program, the participant will gain confidence and effectiveness controlling aggressive behavior in a humane manner.

Why is NST important to you

Statistics show that the problem of patient assault to staff is increasing at an alarming rate. Promoting a safer milieu for your organization will save time, money, and injuries. One mental health hospital reported that the annual cost of injuries to employees resulting from patient intervention was $766,000. Healthcare employee injuries represent over 50% of violence-related workers compensation claims.

How NST will benefit you

The content of this course enables you and your employees to use the Turtle-Shield in a safe and effective manner. After this course, you will be better equipped to handle belligerent individuals. A series of stances, blocking, and moving techniques; informative lectures, and interactive role-playing encompass this comprehensive shield training seminar.

Who should take this course

Anyone who is concerned with the safety of patients and employees should take this course.

Organizations such as: mental health facilities, healthcare employees, care givers, juvenile detention centers, military staff, police departments, schools or wherever there is a need to protect both the user of the shield and the person to be subdued.

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